State Coagulation


Lvl. 1-100
State Stack

The Sacrier's blood thickens, preventing him form registering the pain of his injuries for a short while.

Armor with 1(100)% of the Sacrier's max HP.

Coagulation is a State, with stacking.

This state provides a temporary bonus to the Sacrier's HP and is applied at the end of the Sacrier's turn.
The state adds 1% of the Sacriers max hp as a temporary shield for each stack until his/her next turn.


Class Spell
SacrierElement EarthMediumRocky Foot
Element EarthMediumCrackrock Blow
Element EarthMediumLethal Slingshot
Element EarthMediumColonnades
Element EarthMediumSmash
Element NeutralSmallSanguine Armor

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