Spell Sac Clinging to LifeClinging to Life

Class: Sacrier
Unlock/Evolution level: 100/200
Type: Passive

Element NeutralSmall
"The Sacrier has a chance to laugh in the face of an attack which would normally kill him. Thanks to the Impending Death, he is allowed one more turn, during which he is invulnerable and Extra-Vigrrrous, before dying."

Level 1:

  • If KOed:
    • 100% chance: Impending Death state1

Level 2:

  • If KOed:
    • 100% chance: Impending Death state2

Spell Information

A Passive spell which, after suffering lethal damage, give you another turn with boosted AP and final damage (but reduced MP) in order to deal more damage or help allies.

Impending Death State

  • Invincible for one turn!
  • -2 MP
  • +1(3) AP
  • +15(30)'% Final Damage


  • This spell basically gives you 1 turn in which to deal damage or help out your allies before you really die.

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