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Cléophée (dubbed as Cleome in the English version) is the support character of the Wakfu: The Animated Series. She is the younger sister of Evangelyne.


She is a tomboy and more easy going than her older sister, which is why she prefers to hang out with the guys. She was in the Cra military however went to MIA to have a good time.[1]


She, Dally and Evangelyne take part in a pro wrestling circuit.


Cleome is proud and confident of her brawling abilities and marksmanship. At first she was show nto be uncaring of Evangelyne and often playfully flirted with Percedal, this made Eva furious.

Her uncaring side is also shown when she and Percedal and Eva were brawling, they shoved Eva to the side and claimed victory for their own, leaving Eva to carry their prize.

However during their travels, she does show that she actually cares greatly for her sister and will go to great lengths to ensure her safety, her current attitude was actually a ruse made to hide her apparent jealousy for her sister's rising fame and feeling left in her shadow. Which ultimately made her run away in pursue to make a name for herself in the world.

Her true nature was shown in the Crimson Claw arc when Eva was shot by Remington and Cleome tearfully protected her until Percedal arrived. When she was complemented for her marksmanship by Eva who was still gravely injured, she rejected that compliment saying "she just said that to make her feel better".

In the end both sisters became close and ceased bickering. She also attended her wedding as a bridesmaid. She chose not to go back to the Cra's and decided to travel with Elaine and her father for a while.



Evangelyne is her older sister. She worries that based on how well she works well with Percedal in hand to hand combat, which seems to make Eva worried that Percedal might like Cleome more than her.


However she is quite the skilled fighter and works well with Percedal in hand to hand combat.


Amalia seems to heavily despise her for reasons yet to be explained.



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