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A Clan Member is an NPC who looks after a specific Territory of the World of Twelve. You can normally find them easily on your map represented by the Star icon.They are appearently humans.

Clan Members can:

  • accept your vote when there are elections for the local governor
  • give you information about its territory

Clan Member's Will

A Clan Member's Will governs certain Laws for their Territory.

Clan Member's Satisfaction

Upon clicking the Wakfu (W) button, a graph of the current population of the Crops, Wild Plants, Trees, and up to 3 Monster Family in the territory. A clan member will have expectations of these things in his/her territory. When a certain population gets too high or too low, dissatisfying a clan member, players must balance the system back. If a player causes the population to get too low or too high, he/she will be deducted of citizenship points. If a player rebalances the population from an unstable state, he will gain citizenship points. If the Clan Member is satisfied, all players of the Nation will receive bonuses accordingly. In addition, players will receive bonuses to Wisdom, Prospecting, and Kama gains while in the area depending upon how many wishes of the Clan Member are satisfied. If no wishes are fulfilled, there is no CM bonus. Satisfying only one wish will grant +10% kama gain, +5% Crafting XP, +5% Harvesting XP and +5 to both Prospecting and Wisdom. Satisfying all wishes will grant +20% kama gain, +10% Crafting XP, +10% Harvesting XP and +10 to Prospecting and Wisdom.


  • Clan Members are usually referred to as CMs for short.

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