Citizenship Points are a representation of how good of a Citizen you are of your Nation.

Earning and Losing

CP Points

"My Passport"

Some actions effect your current Citizenship Points amount.

These actions are usually specified by your Nation's Governor. This can be anything from balancing the local Ecosystem to match a Clan Member's Will, or attacking citizens of another Nation. Actions can both increase and decrease your Citizenship Points.

A negative effect is the equivalent of a crime, and if your character's CP drops to -50 or below you become an Outlaw

Your citizenship points determine your role in your nation and can bring you numerous advantages:

0→9 CP: Homebody

10→99 CP: Resident: Access to nation bonuses

100→999 CP: Citizen: Right to vote for governor elections

1,000→9,999 CP: Countryman: Right to stand for election as a governor

10,000→99,999 CP: Patriot

100,000+ CP: Son Of The Law

-50 CP: Outlaw

-250 CP: Gangster

-1,000 CP: Criminal

-100,000 CP: Public Menace

You can check how many points you have by looking at the number at the bottom of your screen, directly under your HP and Stasis/Wakfu gauge.


  • An action with a Green Wreath indicates an action which increases Citizenship Points
  • An action with a Red Wreath indicates an action which decreases Citizenship Points


  • Citizenship Points are often referred to as CP.
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