Citizenship is represented in the World of Twelve via a number of different systems.

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  • Each Character becomes a Citizen of a chosen Nation in order to progress beyond Astrub.
    • Actions a character performs increase or decrease their Citizenship Points.
      • If their Citizenship Points drop below a certain level, which is -50 Citizenship Points, they become classified as Criminals.
      • If their Citizenship Points are above a certain level, they can become a guard (to become a guard you need at least 100 Citizenship Points and you must kill 10 Criminals) or a soldier.
  • Each Nation has a Governor.
    • A Governor is voted into power through Elections, where Citizens with over 100 Citizenship Points are eligible to vote.
    • A Governor is able to set the local Laws, set and spend Tax, pay for Challenges and a number of other things.
    • To be a candidate during the elections, 1000 citizenship points are required and you need to pay 100 kamas.
  • Each Territory has a Clan Member. These are involved when Nations conquer or defend the territory, and they oversee the area's resources, notifying characters of their current status.

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