Characteristic Window

The Characteristic Window

Every Character has characteristics. These are basic attributes of the character which represent their specific abilities in the various situations.

Some are only useful to certain Classes or builds, while others are equally useful to all characters.

Characteristics are mostly divided into 5 groups, Intelligence, Strength, Agility, Chance and Major with other characteristics only boosted through equips or Area or Guild bonuses.

At your first level up (i.e., at level 2), you gain 1 skill point to be used in the Intelligence category. In your next level up, you get 1 skill point in Strength, then in Agility, then in Chance, then in Intelligence again. At certain levels, you instead get 1 point in Major.

The points you put are also able to be reset once you get to level 30, or when you do the monthly respec quest.

Basic Characteristics

Each character has a set of basic characteristics that are important:

  • Level- Measures how your character has progressed through the game. Some content is level-locked, which means that you won't be able to use them if your level is too low. Same goes with equipment and some spells.
  • HPor Hit/Health Points - This measures how beefy your character is. In a battle, once this reaches 0, you are dead. Unless your team has some way of reviving fighters.
  • XPor Experience Points - Measures how learned your character is. Higher XP means higher levels means more characteristics and an overall stronger character.
  • Action Points (AP) - Dictates how many attacks you can do in a turn. The base value is 6 AP per character and can be increased through skill points and equips.
  • Movement Points (MP) - How many tiles your character can move in a turn. The base value is 3 MP and can be increased through skill points and equips. Some spells require MP to cast.
  • Wakfu Points (WP) - Used for special and unusually strong spells. The base value is 6 WP and can be increased through skill points and equips. Note that unlike AP or MP which are replenished every turn in the battle, each class has it's own way of replenishing WP throughout a battle.
  • Elemental Mastery (Fire, Earth, Air, Water) - These increase the damage you do when you attack. For example, a spell with a base damage of 4 will deal 8 when you have 100% damage for that element.
  • Elemental Resistance - These reduce the damage you receive from the elements. Some damages can't be reduced.
  • Lock- When in melee range, some enemies will want to move away from you for safety. Lock allows you to penalize enemies for doing so.
  • Dodge- If you want to run away from an enemy in melee range, you will also be under the mercy of their Lock stat. Dodge allows you to decrease the penalty for running away, and with higher dodge, move away with no penalty at all!
  • Initiative- Initiative dictates the order of the combatants in a battle. Higher initiative means a higher chance to go first. In addition.
  • Block- Allows you to reduce incoming damage by 20%. Each point gives 1% chance to do so.
  • Critical Hits - Critical hits allow your attacks to critically hit, dealing 125% your normal damage. Some spells which deal no damage may crit and will only give increased bonuses.
  • Critical Damage - Allows you to deal more damage when you critically hit.

Almost all of these characteristics can be modified, be it through your equipment, or the current bonuses in your area, or the bonuses granted by your Nation and your guild. Some are also increased by skill points. The following tables list down all the possible characteristic modifiers which you can get by leveling up and using up a skill point.

Intelligence-based Characteristics

% HP -Increases your max HP by a percentage. Each point gives +4% max HP.
Resistances 10Increases your resistance to elemental damage. Each point gives +10 resists to all elements.
Barrier 10Reduces damage taken by half your level per hit for up to 10 hits each turn. Each point grants an additional activation per turn.
Heals Received 5Increases heals received from allies by 6% per point
% HP to Armor 10Grants a percentage of your hp as armor at the start of the fight. Each point gives +4% of HP as Armor.

Strength-based Characteristics

Elemental Mastery -Gives 5 Elemental Mastery to all elements per point
Single Target Mastery 20Single Target Mastery is added to Elemental Mastery when using single target spells or weapons. Gives 8 Single Target Mastery per point
Area of Effect Mastery 20Area of Effect Mastery is added to Elemental Mastery when using area of effect spells or weapons. Gives 8 Area of Effect Mastery per point
Close Combat Mastery 20Close Combat Mastery is added to Elemental Mastery when targeting within 2 cells of yourself. Gives 8 Close Combat Mastery per point
Distance Mastery 20Distance Mastery is added to Elemental Mastery when targeting that are 3 cells or more away from you. Gives 8 Long Range Mastery per point
Health Points -Gives 20 HP per point

Agility-based Characteristics

Lock -Gives +6 lock per point
Dodge -Gives +6 dodge per point
Initiative 20Gives +4 initiative per point
Dodge and Lock -Gives +4 dodge and +4 lock per point
AP and MP Removal 20Gives +2% chance of removing AP and MP per point
AP and MP Resistance 20Gives +2% resistance to AP and MP loss

Chance-based Characteristics

Critical Hits 20 Gives +1% chance to critically hit per point.
Block 20 Gives +1% Block per point.
Critical Mastery - Critcal Mastery is added to Elemental Mastery when you critiacally hit. Gives +4 Critical Mastery per point.
Rear Mastery - Rear Mastery is added to Elemental Mastery when attacking enemies from behind. Gives +6 Rear Mastery per point.
Berserk Mastery - Berserk Mastery is added to Elemental Mastery when you have less than 50% HP. Gives +8 Berserk Mastery per point.
Heals - Healing Mastery is added to Elemental Mastery when using healing spells or weapons. Gives +6 Healing Mastery per point.
Rear Resistance 20 Reduces the damage you receive when attacked from behind. Gives +4 Rear Resistance to attacks from behind.
Critical Resistance 20 Reduces the damage you receive from a critical hit. Gives +4 Critical Hit Resistance per point.

Major Characteristics

Action Points 1 Increases your AP by 1.
Movement Points and DamageIncreases your MP by 1 and gives 20 Elemental Mastery.
Range and DamageIncreases your range by 1 and gives 40 Elemental Mastery.
Wakfu PointsIncreases your WP by 2.
Control and DamageControl affects the number of constructs and summons you can summon in the battlefield. Increases your control by 2 and gives 40 Elemental Mastery.
Final DamageIncreases damage dealt by 10%.
ReductionIncreases your Elemental Resistance by 50.

Other Characteristics

Prospecting Increases the chance of a drop after a battle by 1% per point. (Max of 150)
Wisdom Increases the experience gained after a battle by 1% per point. (Max of 150)
Kit SkillReduces the level requirement on items. Gives +10 kit skill, which reduces level requirements by 10. Maximum kit skill is 10.