Required Key: Cloudy Tofu Key


Room 1
(Lv. 213)
CelestialTofulandRoom 1
Room 2
(Lv. 215)
  • 1 Cloudy Tofurby (Lv. 38)
  • 2 Cloudy Tofoone (Lv. 36)
  • 3 Cloudy Tofu (Lv. 35)
CelestialTofulandRoom 2
Room 3
(Lv. 219)
  • 2 Cloudy Tofurby (Lv. 38)
  • 3 Cloudy Tofoone (Lv. 36)
  • 1 Cloudy Tofu (Lv. 35)
CelestialTofulandRoom 3
Room 4
(Lv. 297)
  • 1 Celestial Tofu (Lv. 40)
  • 3 Cloudy Tofurby (Lv. 38)
  • 3 Cloudy Tofoone (Lv. 36)
  • 1 Cloudy Tofu (Lv. 35)
Extra Boss
(Lv. 70)
  • Tofulix the Tubby (Lv. 70)


This dungeon features the following achievements:


  • The penalty tiles in this dungeon are called Celestial Wind and they take -2 max MP, apply the Riddled With Beak Tweaks state and teleport the player to a random cell on the battlefield. The effects only apply to players, they do not apply to player summons.
  • The extra boss fight is reached by walking on what appears a repeateable endless walkway to the north-west of room 3. The passage is invisible until the player approaches the 2 colums with a cloud arch above them.


  • The endless walkway through the clouds is a direct reference to Dragon Ball which is even more enforced by a dead Goku found right before the Extra Room where Tofulix resides. In the series, Goku used to run on Snake Way (or Serpent Road) which was a 1 milion kilometers long path above hell in order to receive training from King Kai.
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