The world of Wakfu consist of many regions. There are various methods of transportation which are Drago-Expresses, Zaaps, Cannons and Boats.

Free to play areas



Map of Incarnam

Incarnam is where all newly created characters will appear. It is not located in the world itself, but floating above it.

Map Astrub-April2014

Astrub Map 2014


Astrub Map

Map of all of Astrub

Astrub is the place you go to when leaving Incarnam. From there you can go to the other nations: Amakna, Bonta, Brakmar and Sufokia. You can also go back to Incarnam using one of the cannons around the bridges that connects the islands.

Temple of Scriptures

Map of Astrub Center

Astrub also contains the Temple of Scriptures (-6,-6) where Almokens can be spent.

Mount Zinit

Mount Zinit is an island that has the following areas:



Amakna is a nation a player can join.

Amakna has the following sub-areas:


Bonta is a nation a player can join.


Map of Bonta

Bonta has the following sub-areas:


Brakmar is a nation a player can join.

Brakmar Map

Map of Brakmar

Brakmar has the following sub-areas:


Sufokia is a nation a player can join.

Sufokia Map

Map of Sufokia

Sufokia has the following sub-areas:

Map WorldMap-April2014

World Map 2014


World map

The world map. There's Astrub in the middle, the four nations around it, and several small islands scattered around everywhere.

Islands can be reached by boat from each nation. Once you have travelled there by boat the first time, it is often useful to find a zaap to make your next visit cheaper. The following islands are currently known:

Special islands

  • The Trool Fair has several mini-games for solo playing. Attractions cost 1 Bronze Token each. You can't go there by boat or zaap, you have to find the NPC Bulloo Hottair near any mobile arena in the nations.
  • Wakfu and Stasis islands can be accessed through an entrance in all four nations. You can't go there by boat or zaap, you have to find the door in any nation.

Normal islands

No longer available

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