Cania Swamps is owned by the egotistical Crocoburio, who can teach the fisherman profession. The swampy ecosystem has three conditions: Between 80 to 230 wild plants, between 80 and 230 trees, and between 130 to 240 Boos. When one condition is met, Crocoburio gives +10% to water damage if two are met, and +20% to water damage when three are met.


Clan Member

Crocoburio is the local Clan Member, and he teaches the fisherman profession.


Trees Crops Wild Plants Ore Shoals
Bramble Tuberbulb Plain Flax Wholesome Zinc Troutuna
Baby Redwood Cawwot Plant Thistle (plant) Dark Carbon Sea Boowolves
Weeping Willow Rye Wild Mint
Api Tree Wheat Reed
Vanilla Rice Plant Nettle


Locations of Interest

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