Bworcine Pedalian Cincture
Lvl. 56


Tradeable Icon

"Don't be fooled by the highfalutin name. It's said this "cincture" is actually the repurposed toe ring of what must be the biggest Bwork in history. As we all know, as the dimensions of a Bwork increase by a factor of n, Bwork surface area increases by n squared. Much more skin to catch the sun. At the same time, Bwork volumetric mass increases by n cubed. Much, much more fat to soak up the sun and insulate. Which all amounts to a really fat, really sweaty Bwork with a really sweaty toe ring. And you were going to wear it around your waist."

When Equipped:

  • +33 HP
  • +8 Lock
  • +8 Prospecting
  • +1% Critical Hits
  • +15% damage for 2 random elements
  • +5% to single-target damage
  • +9 Resist.
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