Brakmar is a Nation that a player can join.


Brakmar Icon

Once again, Brakmar has risen up above the others. This city is unshakeable.

Our presses are constantly transforming our minerals into freshly minted Kamas, ensuring our wealth. The world has finally started to fight over control of the territories. We need to get the best bits for ourselves, and leave the rest for the others to scrap over.
The sound from our forges already drown out the sound of the other nations' pride.

Brakmar: an archipelago where your holidays could be numbered.

Come and strengthen our ranks!

Master Barney,
Official Archivist

Brakmar Guard Artwork
  • Symbol: Bat-wings around a sword
  • Colors: Red and black


NameClan MemberMonsters in the area
Brakmar HeadquartersMaster BarneyN/A
Brakmar VillageJonk WinceyPiwi, Rat, Bow Meow, Hoodlum
Mr. M's LandsMr. M Gobball, Hoodlum
Flask GardenVisceraTofu, Scara, Hoodlum
Weapons BridgeStumpy JackN/A
Mourning WoodPhullupGobball, Bellaphone, Larva, Snapper, Hoodlum
Gobblard BoulevardTyra MisuN/A
Pabong FieldsEly SianfieldsTofu, Bellaphone, Taur, Strich
Scara PassSarko-PhagusN/A
Sidimote MoorsMoe Kneetorks Chafer, Stalagmote
GnashvilleKrustiblakMollusky, Kralove
Wild PrairieNone Wild Gobball


Brakmar Map


In Dofus, Brakmar was one of two opposing PvP Factions, along with Bonta. Players could choose to stay as unaligned Neutral.

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