Bonta is a Nation that a player can join, once they reach the appropriate level.


Bonta Icon

Despite Ogrest's Chaos, Bonta, often referred to as the Divine City, is still the pinnacle of order and justice.

Our forests are the thickest in the World of Twelve, and our wood is the finest. But the world is in conflict, fighting for control of the free territories. We can't let the other nations extend their hold any further. Bonta's Armourers' know-how will help you defend our great city once more.

Bonta: Pining for the company of kindred spirits? Visit the archipelago of Bonta, where adventurers from all over can branch out and plan the best route to conquering their next adversary. Come and strengthen the ranks of the white city!

Master Hoot, Official Archivist.

  • Symbol: A large tree
  • Colors: Blue and White


NameClan MemberMonsters in the area
Bonta HeadquartersMaster HootN/A
Bonta RuinsJonk LeesPiwi, Rat, Bow Meow, Hoodlum
Monty's PrairieMonty BelloGobball, Hoodlum
Gnarled Barklee's ForestGnarled BarkleeTofu, Blibli, Hoodlum
5th Bond AvenueNina RichaN/A
Cania PlainsJustice KnightTofu, Moogrr, Prespic, Hoodlum?
KaraBaal StroudGobball, Blibli, Hoodlum
Cania SwampsCrocoburioMoskito, Boo
Arms WayCloutN/A
Pancake BridgeMacrobioN/A
Thicket of YurbutYew-TeenyTreechnid, Arachnee
Wild PrairieNoneWild Gobball




In Dofus, Bonta was one of two opposing PvP Factions, along with Brakmar. Players could choose to stay as unaligned Neutral.

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