This page is about Rogue bombs. For the item of the same name, see Bomb (Mining).

Bombs are created in combat by the Rogue class.


  • Bombs do not block movement, or Line of Sight.
  • Bombs require spare Command to place (The Rogue passive spell Bomb Master can grant a bonus to Mechanic).
  • Bombs start with a countdown of 3 turns (The Rogue pass spell Pyrotechnist can increase this duration). This countdown reduces by 1 at the start of the caster's turn.
  • If the cell containing the bomb is attacked, the countdown reduces by 1 turn.
  • Bombs will explode if their countdown reaches 0.
  • The Rogue spell Detonator will cause a bomb to immediately explode. It can only be used on the caster's own bombs.
  • When a Bomb explodes, any other bombs belonging to the same caster within their Area of Effect will also explode. Non-allied bombs will suffer damage as normal.
  • If a Bomb spell is cast directly on a creature, it will explode immediately instead.
  • Rogues can summon a Boombot, which can also detonate bombs, or move them multiple cells with a kick.
  • Rogues can move Bombs using the Acciobomb spell to pull them.
  • If a Bomb is moved onto a cell that already contains a Bomb, then both will explode immediately.
  • The passive Explotection reduces the damage allies receive from a Rogue's bombs.

Chain reactions

When a Rogue's bomb explodes, it can also trigger the explosion of other bombs within its explosion. A bomb exploded in this way gains a +10% damage bonus, which increase with each "link" in the chain.

If 3 bombs of the same type, belonging to the same rogue, are placed in such a way that their area shapes overlap at the tips, then a number of cells along the line between each bomb gain a glyph (which cells are effected is dependant on the element of the Bombs). While this bomb-arrangement is on the battlefield, these cells deal damage, and an additional effect dependant on the element:

  • Air: a 2-cell line, inflicting -1 MP (Bound)
  • Fire: 1-cell line, with additional Damage
  • Water: a 1-cell ring, inflicting -1 AP (Demotivated)

This chain pattern effect occurs when the bombs are in place, not as part of the bombs exploding.

Trying to place a 4th bomb of the same type will cause the chain-glyph effect to disappear (this may be a bug, rather than intentional). Creating 2 active chains using different types of bombs (3 bombs each) is still possible though.


Powder Cells increase bomb-damage inflicted on that cell. The Powder spell can directly place Powder Cells, but Bomb Master and Powder Keg can place them indirectly.

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