Spell Monster Blood CocktailBlood Cocktail

Monster spell

Type: Debuff

Element NeutralSmall
2Action point 1Wakfu point

2-4Range Icon
AoE:Single Cell

  • Is not in the Blood Cocktail state (target)
  • Is not in Blood Supply3 state
  • In the state
Ghould Family

Ghould Family

Lvl. 4

This state doesn't stack

4 or higher
  • Target must be an enemy
  • Is not in the Ghoulified
  • 4 turn cooldown


  • Blood Cocktail State:
    • Is protected by an emeny
    • Switches places with the Borbat if it's attacked

Monster Spell Levels

Monster Level Effect Critical
Beefy Borbat82N/AN/A
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