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Dominic1743 Dominic1743 9 April 2020

New Staff

Hi I'm the new Admin/Bureaucrat on the wiki if you need something just ask. Admin (talk) 19:32, April 9, 2020 (UTC)

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Lriya the Eliatrope Lriya the Eliatrope 11 February 2020

Yugo and Amalia...

Okay Wakfu Wikiers (if that's even a word), if i'm the only one who likes Yugo and Amalia getting together, then I am alone but happy, becasue, well, I think it's a great ship. and I'm only on season two so... :l 

but anywaaaays, for those who know how to blog give a fellow Wakfu nerd a hand. and find cute Amalia and Yugo fan art, and post it on THIS blog. (I will also have a Eva and Dally blog)



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Meowyas Meowyas 28 August 2019

the confusing things about wakfu

ummmm. how can elely pinch her nose, if she doesn't even have one? and also, how can she even smell? 

watch s3 beastly girl

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CaptainFlowerss CaptainFlowerss 17 April 2018

Wakfu Fanon

Wakfu fanon, a new wikia of Wakfu for English users! It is very recently made, but meh. Thought I just shout it out!

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SleepyZeez SleepyZeez 7 November 2016

Template:WInfobox/Item Runes input

Instead of inputting a "Runes" variable for Template:WInfobox/Item (and indirectly Template:ItemWrap) the template displays the appropriate number and type of runes according to the level and type variables. Based on Smithmagic#Rune Slots.


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BdeBoer BdeBoer 23 October 2015

A welcome to all new users (and to myself!)

Cold winters bring boredom, and that's why I ended up on Wiki. My boyfriend was amazed by the fact 

that I started doing something productive. Not that I'm not doing anything productive at the moment, but editing articles is a start of a new beginning!

I was so amazed when I started receiving badges. Right now I'm battling among other Wiki editors to get on the first ranked place. I'm pretty sure that I will win, because I've been editing like crazy.

To all the new editors, Welcome to my page! and Welcome to Wiki! Wiki is a fun and productive way to spend time that you don't want to be wasted.

If you don't want to do homework, edit on Wiki!

If you don't want to go to sleep, edit on Wiki!

if you're tired of playing Wakfu, edit on Wiki!

If you don'…

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Freezeblade7997 Freezeblade7997 1 October 2015

Greeting and introduction.

Hello there everyone, now you may have noticed that the wiki is suddenly getting mayor page edits. I am not a hacker or a creep, I am here because I wanted to work this wiki and generally help out. Also you might think that the things I am adding arent true, but I have played wakfu and also watched the television show.(which by the way is amazing) So I am just a guy who wants to help out. one final thing though....My wakfu name is "Archer of the winds"

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SleepyZeez SleepyZeez 13 May 2015

Back in the game

I will be coming back to the Wakfu (and Wikia) community in the next couple of days after a very long break (graduation and first year of college). I hope to bring some life back to the wiki and make it a helpful resource for players once more.

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Dvassell Dvassell 13 April 2015


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Xanar Xanar 16 December 2014

Challenge Updates Needed

If anyone is a regular challenge taker,I'd appreciate it if you could update the challenges page so our non-existing pages can be mapped with accurate data. Thanks for viewing this post.


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Brindow Brindow 2 December 2014


A brief note regarding categories. I am in the process of reviewing and streamlining the categories and content. Below is an example, while the current content structure is somewhat there, there is work to be done to make it better.

1. All Categories should be a sub category, OR attached to an overall category called Content


2. All Pages should be categorized


Proposed Structure


  • Monsters
    • Ultimate Boss
    • Dungeon Boss
  • Locations
    • Island
    • Dungeon
      • Dungeon Guide
    • Nation
  • Specific Nations
    • Quest Guide
  • Items
    • Consumable
      • Profession Boost (or whatever it's called)
      • Other types of Boosts?
    • Crafted
    • Drop
    • Harvest/Gather
    • Equipment/Gear
      • Weapon (L/R/Both)?
      • Shield
      • Helmet (H…
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Brindow Brindow 1 December 2014


Quick introduction about myself. I love adding to wikis. I tend to flesh out, repair, and re-organize wikis to become a very useful tool to the community.

I can be reached in-game on my main, Non Sequitor. If you have any thoughts or questions, please feel free to leave a comment here or hit me up in game.

Also, If you see something out of date on the wiki, please add the Outdated tag so that it can be addressed.

OR if you see a tag that no longer applies, please feel free to remove it!

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Roos-Skywalker Roos-Skywalker 14 November 2014

About me

Country: The Netherlands.

Languages: fluent Dutch and advanced English. Age: 17.

Gender: Female.

Scholar: Havo 5th year (exams). Similar to GCSE.

Special: I have autism and I know it.

Humor: Sadistic, black humor and random crap.

Interests: Gaming, making art, writing novels, school, (yes I love school) illegal downloading stuff, programming. (With as result a crashed pc of course.)

I hate: Exotic foods and horses.

I love: School, (nerd alert) wolves and blood and gore.

Favorite movies: Black sheep, Poltergeist, Tron, The Matrix, Starwars all episodes, James Bond, X-men, The human centipede and many more horror/schiencefiction movies.

Favorite books: My own (duh) and every other sciencefiction or horror book.

Very special: I wrote my own name (correc…

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Digling Digling 4 November 2014

Guide for The fire of Love in Brakmar UPDATED 2014

The "Fire Of Love" is an insignia that lights your path (5x5 blocks) and also you can light the candles. When you get it, you can't delete it and you can't put it in your heavens bug chest! 

I'm a Brakmarian and after a long search in the old spot (HQ) and a lot browsing(people said it was bugged) for the "Fire of Love" i finally found it in Brakmars Outpost, behindJonk you will get the stairs and you will see a room. Open the door..

Enter the room(follow my arrow)...

Here you go "The Fire of Love"!!! :3

If you cant get it try to speak at the Sergent twice!!


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Digling Digling 4 November 2014

The Fire of Love Brakmar


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Xanar Xanar 24 October 2014

Help advancing in main questline!

Can anyone on this wiki help me advance in the main questline? I have no idea how to get to Zinit Mountain and I want to advance! I'd appreciate help!

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Xanar Xanar 21 October 2014

The struggle for the Zora set.

The struggle is real to find Zora set pieces on the market,I  spent all of last weekend searching for it. If anyone has pieces of it and is a Nox server player,I'll buy them from you.

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Redcloth Redcloth 17 October 2014

Useful Pages

Official Wakfu Wiki to-do list

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Xanar Xanar 15 October 2014

Yearning to play Wakfu

I really wish I had a laptop so I could play Wakfu after I study at in class,but alas it is not to be. On a lighter note,I'll be available on Friday evening starting around 6 or 7 Pm Eastern Standard Time.

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Xanar Xanar 10 October 2014

Informal Salutation to the Wiki users.

Hello there Users of the Wakfu Wiki,I am Leviat/Xanar of the Nox server and I'd just like to say hello to you all! I started last weekend and will play again this weekend since I study during the week. I will be contributing as much as I can. I hope I'll see you on Wakfu,and if you have any advice or just want to drop me a line just say hello!

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Redcloth Redcloth 9 October 2014

To-Do List

Currently up-to-date as of early October:

  • Miner (
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NikkoNV NikkoNV 28 April 2014

La Vapour Connard

mo kamas

mo l'problemes 

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Discordantpearl Discordantpearl 7 March 2014

The some of it's parts

A friend fished the Grawn for me. I'm completely alright with that. It means that the Ugly Set can be made that much sooner. And just now I've harvested the last Reinette Hairs  that I will need! Yahoo!!!! I would say that if I saw another toad again it would be too soon, but I'm sure I won't be able to avoid i t.

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Discordantpearl Discordantpearl 6 March 2014

Ugly Fisherman

My current goal is leveling up Fisherman so I can fish for Grawn. Just so I can make Ugly Wigs for myself and a few others so we can enter the Miss Ugly Tower. Creating the set has been veeeeeeeeeeerrrrrry tedious. It's what I get for farming for parts for 4 sets all by my lomesome.

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GaryMcNabb GaryMcNabb 19 November 2013

Wiki noob saying hi

As I've used wiki's extensively over the years, thought I'd give contributing a go.

And hi.

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SunsetHaste SunsetHaste 14 October 2013

Guess who's back

I'm wrapping some stuffs up and soon should be able to contribute again.

After 10 months of some quality away-time.

So yeah, that's about it.

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SleepyZeez SleepyZeez 19 September 2013

Wakfu Live:Background and Lore w/ Troyle and RyF

Feca God:

  • Can't say much about Feca or Feca God (postponed god content)
  • Players will have access to a quest line that has different versions of the class (dofus and wakfu) like in Chillberg.

Female Foggers:

  • They have tested it (drawings and sprites) and they can make it but they decided not to (later?)
  • They are souls injected into stasis mechanics so they really do not have a gender

Fogger vs. Steamer:

  • Steamer = means poop in English so they picked something else


  • Ogrest has the original 6
  • Fake Dofuses (Ice, Cawwot, and others) exist and Ogrest tried to get them

Eliatrope as a class:

  • Only eliatrope in wakfu game is Yugo(the first) so they cannot have a class for them

Wakfu-using class (as an element):

  • Would take anyway from the importance since …
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SleepyZeez SleepyZeez 30 May 2013


I added rune slots to appear on the Item Wrap template, use the "|runes =" variable and put in a number from 1 to 3. There is a runes table on the the Smithmagic page to use a reference. Any suggestions are welcome.

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Faranae Faranae 16 May 2013

May 21st Update To-Do List

Since my Kama Revamp post helped at least me alot in making the changes to the wiki once the update went live (and keep tracking of what Ankama still hasn't implemented of their planned changes...), I thought I'd do another for the May 21st update.

  • New Ultimate Boss - The Dragon Pig
  • Rebalance of Ultimate Bosses.
  • Rebalance of Ultimate Boss achievements
  • Token conversion machine (cross-posted to Revamp post)
  • New Clan Member kama bonus, and bonus rebalancing
  • New map images required because of Clan Member "Main Squares"
  • Check each area for new/lost workshops to list/delist on their area page
  • Dragoturkeys and Zaaps added or rearranged
  • Hunter's Camps areas
  • Guild of Hunters daily quests
  • Shhhudoku's Kingdom environmental quest (do we even have a page for that…
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Faranae Faranae 5 April 2013

Upcoming Kama Revamp

In preparation for the upcoming patch, I'm compiling a list of pages that will need alteration and the kinds of alterations that will need to happen. I'll update and improve it over the next few days, and once the patch is finalized and live, it will be much easier for all us active editors to pick tasks and get through this monster.

I think for the tokens being removed, we should not delete the pages. We should make them "historical" pages and include the token-to-kama conversion for future returning players.

  • What's Getting Removed:
    • Dungeon Tokens (c.f. Token Page ) (not removed, conversion to kama at new machine in Gambling Joints)
    • Bronze Tokens (not removed; conversion to kama at new machine in Gambling joints, 10k per token)
    • Dungeon Machine…
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SleepyZeez SleepyZeez 12 March 2013

PP Lock in ItemWrap

I added a little text to Template:ItemWrap/sandbox to show how much PP is needed to drop a item, nothing fancy since I don't know much about templates. I have a question to the rest of the editors. Would it be best to put the PP Lock in the ItemWrap template it self or just say how much PP is needed under the Drops section on each item page? I personal would like it to be in the Template after I get a good, small image to represent PP lock and place it under/beside the tradeable/non-tradeable icon (Or somewhere in there). Suggestions are welcome.

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Victorstan Victorstan 8 March 2013

Wakfu Encyclopedia

Wakfu announced their own Encyclopedia a few days ago. This is practically their own partial wiki as they are focusing only on items and creatures at this phase. I do not think it will be as complete as a wiki can be without all the guides and location pages, but at least we can get all the correct information in one single place.

The funniest part is that they are asking users to submit screenshots in order to illustrate the creatures and items pages. What do you guys think, will this mean a death to this wiki, or does it make for better improvements to the database on here?

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Freewinds Freewinds 28 February 2013


So much to level in game- a fire xelor, earth Osa, and now masqs.. will I ever find the time D;

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Faranae Faranae 3 February 2013

Why does CraftUse hate me?!

Agh! I cannot figure out why sometimes the CraftUse template populates correctly, and why sometimes it doesn't. I've tried comparing simple pages were one works and one doesn't, and comparing the items, and the recipe pages, and everything, and I simply cannot find rhyme nor reason to it. Any ideas?

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Leokins Leokins 20 January 2013


This Wiki needs a lot of work. LOL

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Faranae Faranae 18 November 2012

We really need better help guides for editing

I recently joined the wiki, trying to edit or create a new page each day. Something I've been struggling with is how scattered the basic editing information is. Pages that should be helpful don't contain all the information needed. For example, the ItemWrap template page tells you the idea each line should contain, but not the rules this code follows or where to find the different template codes - things as simple as "water element icon". I spent 40 minutes tonight adding a piece of equipment, simply because I needed to try to figure out these elements. Now that I know them, it will be easier in the future, but as I couldn't find a simple one-stop shop for looking up the codes, it took a long time. Maybe these things exist, but they're not…

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SunsetHaste SunsetHaste 18 November 2012

DAAAAAMN ('A Wiki Life' rant)

Aaaand I missed the obligatory edit for the day by 2 minutes. 115 days of work for the medal just went to eff themselves.

I'm gonna go into that corner and cry now, excuse me.

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SunsetHaste SunsetHaste 3 October 2012

Lucky Edit + Foggers are done

I scored a Lucky 28'000th edit! YAY!


I might need to stop soon... don't want to be third... '4' is my favourite number :3

Uhm... So yeah, I think Foggers are finally finished. I did what I could - I don't feel confident enough to fill out the Playstyle or such sections... Thinking of Spell Informations was hard enough, freestyle writing just ain't my forte :S Well, not counting maybe talking about myself, which I tend to do a lot and am trying to narrow down every single second of my life. All hail the internet, where shy people can talk their asses off and not really be bothered by that.

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SunsetHaste SunsetHaste 21 September 2012

Srams are done + tooltips surrender.

I think I finished updating Sram's class info, including every page linked to them.

As a side note: I tried to add state tooltips wherever it's possible, but, not counting 'burning' and 'blindness' for Rogue's bombs, I failed miserably. So I decided to make a whiny blog post where I ask for help about it, then cry in the corner for a bit, and then probably/eventually push the task onto someone else.

So I just did.

Why won't confusion or hemorrhage state tooltips work? Is it because I screwed something up when I created/remade those pages? Which would make blindness and burning working because I almost completely left them untouched?

Buck it. :<

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SunsetHaste SunsetHaste 2 September 2012

Sram class pages.

So, was wandering around the wiki and fixing some stuff when I noticed Sram pages are completely screwed up. Right now I have a lot to do IRL (failed exams that need to be retaken... And both of them are in the next two weeks), but if no one objects I'll extend my care on the Srams, as soon as I'm done with that stuff.

If anyone is doubtful wether or not give me the job (and seeing as there aren't really that many editors here to begin with, I don't think anyone will object), they can check the Rogue pages to see that I may be just the person for the case ;p

tl;dr: I want to take Sram pages for editing. Anyone against that?

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SunsetHaste SunsetHaste 16 August 2012

Rogues are... GO!!

So, the Rogue class page, along with (I hope) everything that is related to Rogues, is done. Looks like I was working on it for more than 2 weeks, lol.

If any of you find something Rogue-related that needs editing, poke me a bit so I get to work.

Aside of that... I guess that I'm pretty used to using SpellBox, ItemWrap, EquipmentSet, SpellCard templates and prettytables without having to look at their examples too much, so I dare to say that I feel at home here, lol.

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K.matt K.matt 16 August 2012


spending most of my time tryying all catergories added to items so that the auto-tables and wiki can identify them and link everything properly, my time is short often with school work wakfu so anyone that can also work in this would be huge help (also if adding new item please add all the catergories

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SunsetHaste SunsetHaste 23 July 2012

So... first work raport?

Well, I guess I got used to the coding of some templates here (I really, REALLY don't like using the [Visual] tab...). Mostly've been updating and correcting existing pages, but today I had to create some too. Had to make an acquaintance with GIMP to extract and upload a few pics, so I guess I have that covered too (I think I'll have to worry about the licensing though).

Hope my work here goes as smoothly as it does now... cause I feel I'll be moving on from items to characters (seeing as some enemies are red-linked) soon.

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JerryDaBogywogyman JerryDaBogywogyman 19 June 2012

A wiki admin

Its time to make some bread

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K.matt K.matt 7 June 2012

Hmm havent done a blog in a while

Hey thought id add in anothe rone of these as i havent done one in a while , currently im spending my time updating the equipment pages by adding in the categories so that the pages which list everything can find them.

(also jsut made re-direct pages for Damage done form behind & Resist to attacks form behind , they now link directly into Backstab & Backstab Resistance categories

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Goblincleaver Goblincleaver 1 June 2012

Obligatory Blog Post

Title says it all!

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Square Eater Square Eater 2 May 2012

Crafted item variations

How do you put stats for items where there could be variations?

  • +35-39 max HP

Would this do?

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StarDruid StarDruid 29 April 2012

Just helping out

Starting to update/add entry that were missing as I see them and if I got the information need for the entry.

Added the base Ikiakit entry and add the other 4 missing Ikiakit entries, Adventurer Ikiakit, Kit Ikiakit, Collector Ikiakit, and Golden Ikiakit.

I'll continue to help where I can to make this the best Wakfu database/wiki.

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Square Eater Square Eater 27 April 2012

Wakfu Wikia up to date

I've looked around for info aboute gear and other ingame items but it's hard to tell witch sites have info from the beta period and witch have up to date info. So now will I pull my weight and try to make this wikia up to date.

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Inouejo Inouejo 19 April 2012

More Metal

When you take the Metal

Is there Something More Metal maybe some Clothing

Please help me If you have Any information

If there is no I'm at level 88 But does not change why does not change
In speed And quantity why the level 60 Like me

I apologize for the bad My language

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