Spell Eca MeowtbreakBlack Bow Meow

Class: Ecaflip
Unlock level: 4
Type: Summon

Element NeutralSmall
2 Action point 1 Wakfu point

1 - 1Range Icon
AoE:Single Cell

"The Ecaflip calls on his feline friends. He summons a Black Bow Meow which does as it pleases, attacking allies as well as enemies."


  • Place a Black Bow Meow
  • Black Bow Meow HP equals 2% (20%) of Ecaflip's max HP

Spell Information

Summons a Black Bow Meow, which randomly inflicts Critical hits or failure on random creatures.


Black Bow Meow (Summon) cats are uncontrollable, and will attack random targets including the caster. They have 1 spell, Furtive which randomly inflicts either +Critical Hits, or +Critical Failure.

Black Bow Meow has with 1 HP, 3 AP, 5 MP, 4 WP, 1 initiative, 0 dodge, 0 lock, and 0% resist.

Furtive costs 3 AP, with range 1-1, and initially inflicts either +2%(+20%) Critical Hits, or +2%(+20%) Critical Failure. Which one it inflicts it entirely random, irrelevant of what it's attacking.

Spell Progression

The summoning spell itself does not change as it is levelled. Only the modifier from Furtive itself improves.

HP % of Caster2468101214161820
Critical Hits/Fails2468101214161820

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