State Biting


Lvl. 1-3
This state doesn't stack

After a Biting Blow, the ground becomes biting for the Cra's enemies increasing their chance of being immobilized. The Cra can also use Biting to add extra effects to certain spells.

  • +20(60)% chance of removing MP
  • Reduces the AP costs of Air spells by 1
    • -1 level of Biting per Air spell used

Biting is a State, without stacking.


This state gives the Cra a better chance to remove MP from their targets. It can also reduce the cost of Air spells and unlock additional effects on some of their spells.


Element NeutralSmallBiting Blow


Element AirSmallAll Air SpellsReduce AP cost by 1
Element FireSmallBlazing ArrowHigher chance to steal MP
Element FireSmallBlinding ArrowReduces Range
Element EarthSmallRaining ArrowsExtra Damage
Element EarthSmallLashing ArrowHigher chance to remove MP
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