Beacons are a family of Cra spells. Each spell creates a Machine on the battlefield, requiring spare Command, which provides an effect. All of them are Elemental Spells, and create damage effects when directly shot by the caster with an attack of the matching element (even indirectly with AoE effects).

Beacons have their own HP and can be physically destroyed if they receive enough damage, however attacks which trigger the Beacon's effect will not cause damage to the beacon (the damage is simply not applied).

All Beacons have a fixed cost of 1 Wakfu Point, do not require Line of Sight, but do require a Free Cell to place them (as do all object creating spells).

Types of Beacons

Incandescent Beacon Circle AoE Damage
Seismic Beacon Ring AoE Damage
Windy Beacon Linear AoE Damage, Push

Related Spells

Support SpellEffect
Expert Mechanic +1 Command
Unbeacon Destroy Beacon, Caster: +Damage%

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