Icon MissingBarrel of Laughs

Class: Pandawa
Unlock/Evolution level: 1
Type: Passive

Element NeutralSmall
"Pandawas love having the last laugh: when a Barrel disappears, it will explode, inflicting non-reducible damage on all adjacent cells!"

Level 1:

Spell Information

When a Pandawa's Barrel runs out, it causes damage to those cells near it.

Spell Progression



  • The damage dealt by Barrel of Laughs is effected by +damage% bonuses, including those from the Merry state.
  • Barrel of Laughs will trigger if the Barrel expires due to being "drunk" by a Pandawa (i.e. the Barrel is being carried and the last quart is drunk). If this occurs the effect will centre on the Pandawa.
  • The Barrel's owner will not be damaged by Barrel of Laughs.

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