Spell Panda BarrelBarrel

Class: Pandawa
Unlock level: 1
Type: Object

Element NeutralSmall
3(2) Action point

1 - 1Range Icon
AoE:Single Cell

"The Pandawa summons a Barrel of Bamboo Milk. He can only have one in play at a time. The Barrel loses a quart of milk when hit and each time a spell which requires the Barrel is cast."
  • Barrels placed less than 1


Spell Information

Creates a Barrel. This is a key object that can be used in many ways.

The Barrels Functionality

Barrels are used by a Pandawa in numerous spells, either directly or to produce effects which other spells derive a bonus from. The Barrel can be carried using Karchamrak, and again, a number of spells rely on whether the Pandawa is carrying their barrel or not.

When on the ground, the barrel blocks movement and Line of Sight.

A barrel has a capacity of 6(15) quarts (though this can be increased further with the spell Bottomless Barrel another 10 quarts).

At the end of their turn, if a Pandawa is carrying their Barrel, they will drink from it. This reduces the Barrel's capacity by 1 quart, and grants the Pandawa 10 levels of the Merry state.

Most Water spells will get a bigger target areas when the Barrel is targeted. 3 of 5 earth spells require that the Pandawa is carrying a Barrel, for being able to cast.

The amount of quarts in a barrel is also counted as HP, so it can be destroyed through damage. However, with the exception of collision damage, all damage dealt to the barrel only reduces the amount of quarts by 1 point irrelevant of the normal damage amount.

Spell Progression

AP Cost3333333332

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