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Aurora is Armand's Osamodas wife and the daughter of the Osamodas King. Both she and Armand often try to convince Amalia to marry one of her relatives. It is currently unknown how or when she and Armand met. She made her first brief appearance in Season 2.


Aurora S2&S3

Aurora appears as a blue Osamodas with long ears and red slanted eyes. In Season 2, she wore a blue robe with gold colored linings along the robe's opening and cuffs, similar to her father. She had blonde shoulder length hair with her bang covering her left eye. She also had stubbed black horns with gold rings on each.

In Season 3, she appears much older and in red royal Sadida attire loosely resembling Queen Sheran Sharm's outfit with a long antler crown similar to Armands. Her hair is now elbow length with her bangs at shoulder length and still covering her left eye. Her horns have gotten bigger and sharper with the same golden rings and wears red lipstick.

Her bang hiding her eye is meant to symbolize her manipulative nature.


In the Season 3 artbook, Aurora is described as a manipulator, putting on an act by playing nice while hiding her true intentions behind words. Her intention is to have her cousin marry Amalia to unify the kingdoms and give her power. She appears to be a mediator between the Sheram Sharm siblings but, she only takes her husband's side on matters. She also serves to show the awkward tension between Amalia and her brother, Armand.


Armand Sheran Sharm

She was promised to Armand and eventually married him.

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