Atcham Crepin is an Ecaflip demigod, son of the Ecaflip and an unknown mother. He is a brother to fellow demigods Kerub Crepin and Ush Galesh, although the latter claims to be from a different "litter" in the Wakfu OVA Ush.

In Kerub's Bazaar

Atcham first appears in Dofus: Kerub's Bazaar episode 51, where he tricks Kerub and his lifelong rival Indie Delagrandaventure into taking part in a deadly competition that only one of them can survive. When Kerub realizes that the man behind the competition is his brother Atcham, he describes him as jealous and perfidious. Atcham, who is hairless, has sworn to take Kerub's life and make himself a coat out of his fur as revenge for the god Ecaflip's preference for Kerub since they were children. Since he could never beat Kerub's godly luck, Atcham thought of using his brother's pride against him by involving Indie, but the Ouginak finally decided to yield and save Kerub to thwart Atcham's plan.

In Dofus Book I: Julith

Atcham is revealed in Dofus Book I: Julith to be a Brakmarian assassin. He is hired by Julith to track down Joris in the Ecaflip Dimension and bring him back to Bonta. As he and Joris's group make a truce in the Ecaflip Dimension, the boy questions him about his hatred for Kerub and instills doubt in his mind about the validity of his feelings. After Joris stops Bakara Jurgen from killing him, Atcham has a change of heart and starts considering him and Kerub as family. Soon after, he dies shielding Joris from flames, seeming happy to finally feel like he belongs to a family.

In the Wakfu OVAs

Centuries later, Atcham is seen living with Kerub and Joris on good terms, and the Ecaflips treat Joris like a father. In the Wakfu OVA Ush, the three of them help Yugo take some of the stolen Eliatrope Dofus back from Ush Galesh. Despite their age, Atcham proves to be in better physical condition than Kerub, managing to stand up to the much younger Ush in a sword fight.

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