Astrub Knight

Whatever mess you manage to get yourself into, this sidekick has got your back. He's a valiant knight who belongs to an order respected all over Astrub. Often dubbed 'Dauntless and Irreproachable', these fervent defenders of Astrub know that attack is the best defense. That's right: if he can help it, this sidekick will be dealing the blows, not taking them.

Class spells

The class spells available to Astrub Knight:

Element Level Icon Spell Name Cost Effect
Icon Chromatic
036pxPoint 2Action pointDamage
36pxBlade 3Action point
1Movement point
36pxIron Blow 2Action point
1Wakfu point
Move Towards, Damage
Element SupportLarge
36pxAstrub Knight SkillPassive+AP, +MP, +max HP, +DamageElement Physical, +ResistElement Physical
36pxProtector of AstrubPassive+DamageElement Physical, addtional damage if enemy's Lv. ≤ 60
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