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Arpagone is a female Enutrof and a member of the Siblings. Unlike the other members, however, she is not a demigod; rather she is the estranged wife of Ruel Stroud and was brought into the guild to convince Ruel to join the Brotherhood and replace his father, the Enutrof god.


In her youth, Arpagone was a fortune-seeker, con-artist, bounty hunter, and became a rival to Ruel Stroud. Before either of them knew it, they fell in love and even married. They went on a honeymoon and made many wonderful memories as cheaply as possible, and even got pet Dhrellers together. Being Enutrofs however, they both valued their money (of which they had spent a considerable amount after their honeymoon) to the point that eventually they agreed that instead of living together they would meet once a year at a restaurant in Bonta to have lunch and bicker over who was gonna pay for the meal.

For several years both were content with this arrangement, but in time Arpagne grew to want more out of her relationship with her husband. On their last date, Arpagone revealed she no longer had a fortune because she didn't care for money anymore; she wanted to be with Ruel all the time, to have a family. She declared she loved him more than she loved wealth and hoped he'd feel the same way.

Alas, Ruel, in a moment of weakness and confusion, ran away, unwilling to give up his wealth for his wife, and they never saw each other again. Arpagone was devastated while the decision to leave his wife haunted Ruel for many years after despite standing by his decision.

Eventually, she joined the Siblings in the hopes that she would be reunited with her husband while Oropo wanted her to convince Ruel to join the Brotherhood ofthe Forgotten to replace his father, the god Enutrof.

Season 3

Arpagone awaits the Brotherhood of the Tofu on the Enutrof floor of the Tower of Dreams, where she is reunited with her husband Ruel Stroud after many years since Ruel left her.

At first, they discuss their past calmly until Arpagone captures Ruel and Sipho is sent in his place to accompany Yugo, Amalia, and Elely up the tower. Arpagone expresses her hopes to Ruel that once he becomes the new Enutrof god, they can be together forever and have all the world's wealth.