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Class: Osamodas
Unlock/Evolution level: 4
Type: Passive

Element NeutralSmall
"The link between an Osamodas and his Summons is so strong that if one of them dies, part of its health is transferred to its master. The Osamodas also gives a Water bonus based on his own Earth bonus."

Level 1:

Spell Information

A part of pets health is transferred to it's master when it dies. Note that if Master dies the summon also dies.

Spell Progression


Osamodas Elemental Spells:
Osamodas Spell Bwork TrumpOsamodas Spell CrobakState Windy ArmorOsamodas Spell Scaraleaf WingState Whip
Osamodas Spell Boowolf RageOsamodas Spell CroakOsamodas Spell Kwak's CryOsamodas Spell MagpieOsamodas Spell Sramva's Slash

Active Support Spells:
Critical SynergyOsamodas Spell Gobball SteakOsamodas Spell GobgobOsamodas Spell GobupOsamodas Spell PossessionOsamodas Spell Symbiosa

Passive Support Spells:
35pxOsamodas Spell Animal BlessingOsamodas Spell Phoenix SpiritOsamodas Spell Prespic Hair

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