Spell Sac AngrrrAngrrr

Class: Sacrier
Unlock/Evolution level: 10/110
Type: Passive

Element NeutralSmall
"A true bloodthirsty warrior, the more hurt the Sacrier, the greater the anger, making the Sacrier more dangerous and less vulnerable to enemy attacks."

Level 1:

Level 2:

  • +2% Final Damage per 20 Angrr
  • At 40% HP:Multi-Arm1
  • At 20% HP:Multi-Arm2
  • At 1 HP:Multi-Arm3
  • Bonus stacks with Strong Blood passive


Every Sacrier has access to Angrrr, even without this passive equipped.

Sacriers start the battle with Angrrr proportional to the amount of HP he/she has. If they take damage the value goes up (the specific amount is based on the amount of HP% lost). If they receive healing, the value goes down.

A Sacrier's Fire spells are designed to increase Angrrr by causing damage to the Sacrier when the spells are cast.

Angrrr is treated as a percentage amount, from 0% when "empty" to 100% when "full". i.e. 1 point of Angrrr is effectively 0.9% of max HP.


  • There is no way to 'spend' Angrrr. Only healing decreases your Angrrr level.
  • Angrrr is based off %HP, reaching its cap at 10% HP


  • While the Angrrr system is unique to Wakfu, Dofus' had an equivalent gameplay design called Punishments (the act of taking damage granted bonuses to the character).

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