Amakna is a Nation that a player can join.


Amakna Icon

Amakna has always offered some of the finest cuisine in the World of Twelve

There is no meat tastier than Amakna meat, nor any baker more inspired than those you'll find before Amakna's ovens.
What's more, Amaknian leather dealers strive to make each of their game products more solid than the last.
But the territory conquests have begun and we have to step in to save these natural reserves!

Amakna: an archipelago where lovers of good meat won't have to pay an arm and a leg for a full stomach.
Become a Citizen of Amakna and enjoy the best benefits nature has to offer!

Master Pigmy,
Official Archivist

Amakna Guard Artwork
  • Symbol: A Royal Gobball
  • Colors: Orange and black


NameClan MemberMonsters in the area
Amakna HeadquartersMaster PigmyN/A
Amakna VillageJonk AndeePiwi, Rat, Bow Meow, Hoodlum
Farle's FieldsFarle Ingalsse Tofu, Field Plant, Hoodlum
Hugo's MeadowHugo Bello Gobball, Hoodlum
Crusty RoadShosanneN/A
Fertile PrarieNick E. Larsen Gobball, Field Plant, Blibli, Hoodlum
Gobballfield CountryXav the Baker Tofu, Field Plant, Hoodlum
Swords CrossingBakanderN/A
Singing FieldsShika Ingalsse Gobball, Puddly, Scarecrow, Hoodlum
Holey ForestJaffin Toad, Crackler, Magik Riktus
Traff Algar SquareGeorgiana MarniN/A
EmelkaAlibert Treechnid, Arachnee
Wild Prairie None Wild Gobball



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