Almanax Quests are Quests that can be completed once a day, which reward the player with Almokens, Experience and an Almanax Blessing.

The Almanax icon can be found on the top right of the screen, below the clock. Click on the Almanax icon to open the calendar shown below. Completed quest days will be underlined in green. Days you did not complete will be red.

Updated Almanax

Quest Months


  • The first Almanax Quest was introduced on 18 Septangel (September 18) 2012.
  • The message from the quest giver will only appear over the current day's quest.
  • At some point before (Don't have the patch date) Almanax Quests required the player to kill monsters or other such things.
  • At a later point than above (A March update, no date known?) all the quests were changed to requiring the player to bring a number of a specific item to the Almanax Altar at the Temple of Scriptures.
  • By October, 2014, the Almanax Quest requires no more than the player going to the Almanax Altar at the Temple of Scriptures.

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