Spell Eca All InAll In

Class: Ecaflip
Unlock level: 7
Type: Attack

Element EarthMedium
1Action point

1 - 3Range ModRange Icon
AoE:Single Cell

"The Ecaflip uses their remaining AP (max 10) to lay a card on the target. The more AP are used, the greater the chance of removing AP from the target."


  • Per spell AP (max 10):
    • -0(20) to -1(30) HP Element EarthSmall
    • 10% of removing 1 AP (4 max)


  • Per spell AP (max 10):
    • -1(25) to -1(37) HP Element EarthSmall
    • 10% of removing 1 AP (4 max)

Spell Information

This spell uses up to 10 AP of your remaining AP to deal damage and remove AP from the target.

Spell Progression

Effect Damage Min05101520
Critical Damage Min17131925


  • While the spell itself has a 1 AP cost it can use up to 10 AP per cast.

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