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Alibert is Yugo's adoptive father, a man who runs a restaurant in a village, a former partner of Ruel Stroud and a Clan Member of Emelka . He would also go on to be the adoptive father of Adamai, Grougal and Chibi. He teaches the Chef Profession.

Animated Series[]

Alibert is a disciple of Enutrof, as well as Yugo's adoptive father ever since Grougaloragran entrusted him the young Eliatrope. Alibert runs a restaurant of which he's chief cook. He is also Ruel Stroud's best friend as they both were adventurers before Yugo's appearance.


Ten years before the animated series starts, it is shown that Alibert and Ruel were bounty-hunting partners. However, Alibert is proven to be too kind for this line of work, letting a convict go. It is implied that something similar has happened several times. Ruel acknowledges Alibert's softness and the two part ways. However, that same fateful day, Grougal left an infant eliatrope in a cradle for him to find, as well as a wakfu-infused tofu named Az, and a message detailing where to find Yugo's true family. Realising the situation, Alibert took the eliatrope under his wing and raised him as a son.

After giving up bounty-hunting, Alibert opens an inn in the village of Emelka in Amakna. He became famous for his Gobball stew and trained Yugo in the making of it as well. Eventually, he was elected mayor of the town and is well loved by the residents which include the family of the last man he let go. Ruel drops in every once in a while, though due to his cheap nature, builds up quite a tab. Though Alibert states that he made more money as a bounty-hunter, he is content with life in the inn, as well as taking care of his adopted son.

Season 1[]

Season 2[]


Alibert is shown as a warm, caring person. As stated by Yugo "Grougal knew that no one would be a better father." He raised Yugo with a strong sense of justice, and isn't afraid to take up the shovel when something he cares for is threatened. This is shown both when Rubilax/Sadlygrove burst into the inn, as well as when the polters attack the village, and finally when Nox threatens Yugo and Az.

He also differs from the Enutrof norm in that he is very generous. He voluntarily feeds the group for free in the Sadida kingdom, and doesn't mind Ruel's debt. In fact. the only time he is ever shown caring about kamas is when customers in the inn flee from Sadlygrove without paying first (although it should be noted that Yugo pointed this out first) and he constantly reminds Ruel of his tab every time the older Enutrof dines at Alibert's inn.

Physical Appearance[]

When Alibert is first shown, he is a very heavily-built (and uncharacteristically young) enutrof. He sports a short brown beard and mustache, as well as a large straw hat. His weapon of choice is a chipped shovel with a copper blade, and silver center. It also has a red fork shaped symbol, and a plain brown handle.

By the begining of Season 1, his appearance is greatly changed. Alibert has lost his beard, though his mustache is now longer. He also wears a large chef's hat, seemingly in the style of Yugo's. He retains this stye throughout the show.

He was termpoarily aged, his hair and moustache turning white, after using all of his strength to break free of Nox's time-freezing spell. A while later, Nox "visted" Alibert and infused him with a portion of Wakfu, restoring Alibert's youth and turning his hair back to brown.


  • Shovel Weapon Wielding Like Ruel, Alibert is very handy with his shovel, wielding it in combat several times to protect Yugo and defend Emelka. When Yugo gets pinned down by a trio of Necroms Ailbert uses his shovel to defend yugo this is only one example of times Ailbert has used his shovel. Though Ailbert only uses it if its absolutely necessary.
  • Master Chef Ailbert is easily the best cook in the series. He is renouned for his great cooking, several times have people attempted to replicate but all have failed. Ailbert would also end up teaching Yugo how to cook.
  • Storytelling During his travels with Ruel, Ailbert heard many storys from from travling bards, including the story of Ogrest. He would later end up telling these storys to Yugo and later, presumably a young Chibi and Grougal.



  • Even though he's a skilled cook, he can't bake bread.
  • He may have had a lover at one point, as Ruel suspects that's where Yugo came from.
  • In the game Wakfu, if you try to enter the first floor of his restaurant in Emelka, you can hear a baby crying, hinting to Yugo when he is still a baby 12 years prior to the animated series.
  • Despite being an Enutrof, Alibert isn't a devoted worshipper of the Enutrof God, evident by his younger looks, brown hair instead of white, and being generous. The only Enutrof traits he exhibits are reminding Ruel of his tab and planning to charge customers who didn't pay for their food after running away.
  • His favorite season is winter.