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The event of Al Howin takes place near Halloween, and has many Halloween-related items and events.

Title for 2012-2015 is Al Howin: The Curse of The Pumpkwin, while title of 2016 is Al Howin: The Return.


During Al Howin, Al Howin Gobball's drops pieces of pumpkin and candies  (Evil Fishcake that can turn you into black bow meows and Al Howin's Treat that gives you 50 PP but gives you 10 Critical Failure). It is also possible to complete the Al Howin achievement and quest during this event. Al Howin Ghoul will have 2% chance drop Flat Pumpkwin while Al Howin Gobball's have 2 % drop Al Howin Pumpkwin for decoration. Both will have 25% to drop linked consumable Corrupt Fairywork.





Evil Lollipop (Chef):

Al Howin's Treat (Chef):

Smiling Pumpkwin (Farmer)

Terrifying Pumpkwin (Farmer)


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