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Action Points are a resource that most of the skills use during combat.

Attacking with a weapon, or using a skill or a spell will most likely have an AP cost attached to it. Not having enough AP means that you cannot perform the action you wanted to do.

At the start of every turn, your AP is replenished to the base value of 6. However, this can be increased by equipment or by skill points or even by other skills by other players or enemies.

Altering AP

A number of spells, and effects, can alter the AP of a creature. The maximum AP a fighter can get is 30.

Class Spell Effect
Ecaflip Element EarthMedium.png All or Nothing AP Refund
Element EarthMedium.png Three Cards +AP
Element NeutralSmall.png Ecaflip's Tarot +/-AP
Element NeutralSmall.png Winning Streak +AP
Eniripsa Element FireMedium.png Hammle Mark AP Transfer
Element FireMedium.png Refund Mark AP Refund
Enutrof Element NeutralSmall.png Drhellzerker Turns all AP into MP
Feca Element WaterMedium.png Crashing Wave Armor: +AP when hit
Element EarthMedium.png Defensive Orb Glyph: +AP
Foggernaut Element NeutralSmall.png Fogginator +AP
Osamodas Element EarthMedium.png Savage Anger +AP to summons
Element NeutralSmall.png Symbiosa +AP
Pandawa Element NeutralSmall.png Merry +AP
Element NeutralSmall.png Worn Out -AP
Rogue Element NeutralSmall.png Rogue Master +AP on bomb denotation
Sadida Element WaterMedium.png Rust +AP to Dolls
Element NeutralSmall.png Nettled +AP
Sram Element WaterMedium.png Petty Theft Steals AP
Xelor Element WaterMedium.png Frostbite -AP
Element WaterMedium.png Slow Down -AP
Element WaterMedium.png Xelor's Hourglass -AP, +AP to allies
Element WaterMedium.png Clock Cross AoE
: -AP
Element NeutralSmall.png Devotion Circle AoE
: +AP
Element NeutralSmall.png Timekeeper +AP on following turn
Element NeutralSmall.png Time Theft +AP when taking AP
Element NeutralSmall.png Temporal Armor +AP per hit
Element NeutralSmall.png Rollback AP Refund


Cost Max Lvl Effect
150, 300 2 +1 AP


  • "Action Point" is often shortened to "AP".
  • The Action point.png symbol is often used to represent AP within the game's interface.

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