Acey Deecey
Lvl. 73


This item can be traded
Acey Deecey.png
A defensive rune can be placed into this item

"This cloak was a firm favorite of guitarist Fungus Young's, before Larsenus Wallace stole it from him in the hopes of absorbing some of its rockstar essence."

When Equipped:

  • +110 HP
  • +20 Dodge
  • +20 Initiative
  • +2% Critical Hits
  • +2 Block
  • +34% damage for 2 random elements
  • +18% Critical Hit Damage
  • +10% to single-target damage
  • +30 Resist.


Dropped By


This item refers to AC/DC, which is an Australian rock band. It could also refer to the Alternating Current and Direct Current power supplies.

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