A profissão pescador é adquirida com Shika Ingalsse, a Clan Member de Singing Fields, é uma profissão de coleta assim como a profissão de Fazendeiro

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"How to get more mussels Fishermen harvest their resources on the fishing banks, they have to explore anywhere there's water to find them.

Soft water and sea water aren't homes to the same types of fish, so you have to make sure you try explore every possibility.

Once they're at a fishing bank, the Fisherman can carry out two actions: -Fish, to try and tempt a fish to appear.
-Fish with a hook, which uses a hook but means the Fisherman can try to attract a special fish. This bonus means they can carry out this action on the fishing banks.

Despite all this, the skill of the fisherman will not guarantee that he will get a fish, he could get nothing, or get a peculiar item. Once you've fished on a fishing bank, you have to wait for this area to restock itself after a certain amount of time. This time varies depending on the climate and the type of water. It's this knowledge which sets the good fishermen apart from the bad ones. The fisherman never goes anywhere without his fishing rod, which is necessary wherever he wants to harvest something. The fishing rod's range varies depending on which one you're using, so take note!

Once you've filled your baskets with fish, you should pay a visit to the artisan chefs. They will be your main customers, since they'll need the fish them to add to their new recipes".


Pescadores precisam de uma fishing rod para exercer sua profissão. Ela já é dada ao aprender a mesma.


Pescadores usam Hook table para fazer suas receitas.

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Pescadores necessitam de Cardumes para coletarem os peixes. Existem os seguintes tipos de cardumes :