Ogrest has been present since the Dofus era. He was accidentally created from Ogrines and a piece of candy a long time ago by an alchemist named Otomai.

He was infatuated by Dathura and for her, he tracked down and acquired the 6 Dofus, and in doing so gained more power than the gods of the World of Twelve. Unfortunately, she only cared about the Dofus and, in a fit of rage, he threw her into an abyss. He then went to the summit of Mount Zinit and cried, causing the great deluge that flooded the World,

dividing it into the various Nations and lands that we know now in the Wakfu era.

Ogrest now stands as the primary villain of the world of Wakfu, the Ogre which every disciple of the twelve gods longs to defeat.

Ogrest sits at the top of Mount Zinit and can cause Ogrest's Chaos to random Nation areas, disturbing their ecosystems.